UA Essentials

UA Boarding Student Essential Items

Class XII UA Boarding students should try to come equipped with the following essential items:

  1. School Uniform along with Kabni/Rachu

  2. Footwear - School shoes, (black) socks/stockings, toilet slippers and sports shoes for physical activity and SUPW

  3. School Track suit and T-shirt

  4. One or two casual gho/kira to wear on Saturdays if one prefers it over school track-suits

  5. Textbooks (if it has been issued)

  6. Stationeries (Notebooks, pens, pencils, refills, calculators, etc. – as required by the subject(s)

  7. Blankets/Summer Quilts, pillow

  8. Bed sheets

  9. Mosquito net (single)

  10. Toiletries (bathing soap, tooth brush, tooth paste, washing soap, toilet paper/sanitary pads/Towel

  11. Face Masks (few sets to last one Term)

  12. Water Bottle

  13. Umbrella

  14. Your medicines and prescription(s)’ copy

  15. Own spoon(s) and cup(s) – plates and tumblers are provided by the school)

  16. Mobile Phone(s)/eGadgets as per Mobile Phone Protocol of the Department – will be registered on reporting day

  • Optional: Power Bank for mobile phones/eGadgets and rechargeable emergency lamps