Arts Depertment

The Arts Deparment of Ugyen Academy has seen over twelve years of successful results since it was established in 2002. The Deparment is very proud of having produced some of the top results in Bhutan. Every year, besides the colleges under the Royal University of Bhutan UA students are selected by internationally recognized Universities. 

The Deparment boasts of outstanding results not only in BHSEC but also in the ISC. It has been able to produce National toppers like Yina Song(ISC-2005: A lawyer in Seattle, NY, USA), Gaki Lhamo(RCSC Topper:-2008) and Namgay Choden (BHSEC 2012: a student at NUS, Singapore).

The students receive a lot of care and attention from the teachers who have more than ten years of experience.Sir Sangay Wangdi (who has successfully published BHSEC History guidebooks) and Ms Bharati Thapa (well known for her top results in Geography) together manage the Arts Deparment to ensure that the students receive the best available.

The students enjoy the liberty to ask questions and ask for help from the many Arts teachers. They are provided with extra reading material and help whenever needed. The teachers also ensure that their time is productively used each time.

The studies are supplemented with various workshops and lectures. Often, lecturers and specialists are invited to give an in-depth knowledge about certain subjects. Students are also encouraged to be innovative with co-curricular activities, annual subject exhibition and plays.

With the hard work of the Ugyen Academy Arts Faculty, the school is able to pride themselves on getting some of the best BHSEC results in the country.

If a student wants to bring out their best in them with the help of caring, loving and hardworking teachers, then studying under the Ugyen Academy Arts Deparment is the right choice.

Please note:

  1. All new admissions will be routed through School Admission Desk headed by Head of Department (HoD) and need verification of School Administration Team.
  2. School accepts no cash donation or other gifts for the purpose of
  3. UA PG option is provided to those who do not get a boarding seat in the school campus.
  4. The fee structure does not include essential items such as mattress, mosquito nets.
  5. The fee structure also does not include expenses such as laundry, personal pocket money, SCHOOL uniforms, footwear, casual clothing, additional stationery, rachu/kabney. Kindly go through our school brochure for additional information.
  6. We accept Bank Drafts/mPay/MBoB/payable at Account No. 102647577 BOB, Ugyen Academy, Punakha or Account No. 0000059653016 BNB, Ugyen Academy, Punakha.
  7. There are many other PGs run privately but each have their own separate fees; all operate under a different license issued by MoEA