Curriculum For Class XI & XII

Prescribed Syllabi by the Bhutan Board of Examination (BBE)/ISC-Indian School Certificate (year XII) Examination. Streams offered:

For all the streams Dzongkha and English remain compulsory.
The other compulsory subjects are:


Humanities (Arts)
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Commerce
  • Accountancy
  • Business Maths
  • Geography
  • History
Pure Maths Business Maths Business Maths
Biology Economics English Literature
Computer Science Computer Science Computer Science

Students who have scored 60% and above in Maths in the BCSE/ICSE (Class X) only can opt for Pure Maths as an optional subject. Students who have scored 60% in Maths or passed in Computer Science in the BCSE/ICSE (Class X) only can opt for Computer Science as an optional Subject. However, students will be provided the opportunity to drop Pure Maths and take up other optional subject if Pure Maths becomes a problem. The same shall apply to other optional subjects. In essence, the school will ensure that the curriculum is for the student and not the student for the curriculum.

Besides the above academic subjects the school will also conduct special classes in Career/Value education.


Students need a minimum of 40% in each subject in the average of monthly/terminal plus trail run exams to qualify for Annual/Board Exams. For promotion to the next grade students need to pass the SUPW (Socially Useful and Productive Work). SUPW Grades will be based on records maintained by the class/subject teachers and the final grades will be finalized through a staff meeting. Besides the academic result, we also provide a comprehensive general report each term.