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  • KOBA Scholarship Awards: Korea Bhutan Association Scholarship Awards

  • Science Exhibition(Winners):2014

  • Her Excellency, The Minister of Works and Human settlement, Lyonpo Dorji Choden:09-08-2014

  • Visit of School Principals from Thailand: 18-09-2014

UNICEF Executive Director’s Visit to UA

UNICEF Executive Director’s Visit to UA The Executive Director of UNICEF, Pavla Gomba from Czech Republic visited our school on 22nd September, 2014.She has been working in UNICEF for 15 years and has been rendering help to many children world-wide, especially to those who are under privileged. She ..... » ReadMore

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Talent Hunt Show

Talent Hunt Show The school music club conducted a show for the talent hunt on 28th September with the theme MUSIC; ONE FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE. The programme was conducted to showcase the potential of the budding youth and to nurture greater confidence in them. The programme comprised of group dances and ..... » ReadMore

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Competition on poetry writing

  Competition on poetry writing  A memorial tribute to the 4th Druk Gyalpo’s forthcoming 60th Birthday, Ugyen Academy explored the students’ endowment in poetry world. The triumphant poems from the budding versifiers are following:  Somewhere over the rainbow The wise narrates the ..... » ReadMore

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Swimming Gala

Swimming Gala “UA went Academics. UA went ground. Now UA go water!” said Principal brimmed with excitement in the assembly. The students were very much galvanized with the news as it was in fact the first swimming Gala at the school in Bhutan. Though it was a cloudy Saturday morning, everyone was ..... » ReadMore

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Visit of Principals from Thailand

Visit of Principals from Thailand The principals of ten schools in Thailand visited our school on 18th September 2014. The main purpose of their visit include: the training of Thai teachers in using English as the medium of instruction, student exchange programme where the Thai students will stay in ..... » ReadMore

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