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  • Her Excellency, The Minister of Works and Human settlement, Lyonpo Dorji Choden:09-08-2014

Ebola Virus Disease

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29 Aug,2014   News   12 views

Minster of Works and Human settlement Visit

The visit of Lyonpo Dorji Choden Rare and scarce are the opportunities when an inspiration walks home right to your porch. She is the nation’s pride, she makes Drukyul walk tall with a head held high, she is the guiding north star; illuminating the path of every ambitious Bhutanese girl. The first woman ..... » ReadMore

09 Aug,2014   News   72 views

Inter House English Debate (Lower Division)

Inter House English Debate (lower Division) Debate is the one of the academic activities that gives students creative room to express their opinions regarding a topic. The knowledge and experiences that they gain through this is simply unparallel. The final round of Inter House Debate Competition for the ..... » ReadMore

25 Jul,2014   News   85 views

Academic Toppers

Academic Statistics Academics has always remained a priority and the foremost concern for Ugyen Academy without diminishing the value and worth of co-curricular activities. Ugyen Academy has always strived to create a conducive learning environment so that scholars develop both their cognitive and physical aptitude. ..... » ReadMore

23 Jul,2014   News   929 views

Chess Olympiad

Mr. Karma Sonam, a student of Ugyen Academy, is one of the five chess players representing Bhutan for the 2014 Chess Olympiad. It will be held from 1st to 4th of August this year at Tromso in Norway. Prior to that, they are scheduled for an extensive training by All Indian Chess Federation in Delhi from 23rd ..... » ReadMore

21 Jul,2014   News   86 views
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