Principal's Expressions

Dear Parents, Teachers and Students,

Fall has arrived but it is time for us rise higher than ever before. The beastly summer heat is gradually disappearing like the mist. The school abounds with freshness of air filled with the aroma of the ripening paddy. Besides the normal school calendared activities, the school is proud to share that in the month of July and August 2016 of the academic session (Term II) UA has:

After all it is UA and we are capable of doing more. Yes, we are prepared to scale new heights. Our plan for September in Term II is set, we are organized and we have become unstoppable to march forward as a school of WILL - Winners (We win hearts), Innovators (we make do with what we have), Learners (we are lifelong learners) and Leaders (we lead with example).

We thank everyone for helping us to raise the bar of excellence.


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